Coffetable Book - a trip around Iceland | Stimmungen der Rhön
Kalender, Rhön, Stimmungen der Rhön
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Coffetable Book – a trip around Iceland


26,5 cm x 21 cm
150g matte, uncoated
25 copies (more on demand)


“Together with two friends I am on a trip to circle Iceland on the ring road. Each day is planned spontaneously and only influenced by the weather conditions. Free of every distraction we enjoy a puristic way of travel and feel the essence of Iceland’s vast and tranquil landscape.”

Iceland’s landscape is so big and wide. Me and two friends of mine felt free, like the world had no limits. Not many tourists come to Iceland in winter so we lost touch with civilization a bit and enjoyed ourselves in the big and quiet landscape. I try to transport that feeling through minimalistic landscape pictures. You can just enjoy the beauty of the landscape in my photographs, but still, there is room left to let your mind wander around and fill the photos with your own emotions. This is A TRIP AROUND ICELAND.

Gewicht 300 g
Größe 30 × 24 × 1 cm